1. The journal accepts for publication articles on the following scientific areas: Economics, Agronomical Science, Forestry, Veterinary Science, Zootechny, Technology of Food Production.
  2. The articles should be devoted to the actual problems of science, contain a clear statement of the purpose and objectives of the research, rigorous scientific argumentation, generalizations and conclusions of interest for their novelty, scientific and practical significance.
  3. All materials coming to the journal editorial office are pre-screened for their correspondence to the subject of the journal and to the formal criteria for articles.
  4. The volume of the article should be 7-8 pages of typewritten text (for the degree of Candidate of Science) and 10-12 pages (for the degree of Doctor of Science), including tables, figures and references.
  5. Sheet format — A4 (210×297); font — 14 (Times New Roman), interval — 1.5; the red line is 1.25. Margins: on the left — 30 mm, on the right — 15 mm, on the top — 20 mm, on the bottom — 20 mm. Text is typed in width without hyphenation. The tables and diagrams presented in the text should have continuous numbering. The names of the tables are typed in a standard font centered above the table, the title of the picture is typed in italics centered, below the picture.
  6. The text of the article should be carefully edited. Before the beginning of the article the following information should be indicated: the UDC, BBK, the author’s sign — in the upper left corner; information about the author (full name), academic degree, academic title, position, place of work, postal address, e-mail address, telephone number of each co-author).
  7. The title of the article is typed in capital letters, without hyphenation, in bold, centered.
  8. The abstract is in Russian — in italics (the text of the annotation should contain the subject, the object of the research, the purpose and objectives of the study, brief conclusions).
  9. Keywords – in italics (no more than 10).
  10. In the text, references to the literature cited are given in square brackets at the end of the sentence before the point, indicating the ordinal number of the reference and the page, e.g. [1, P. 15], [2, P. 46]. [3, p. 68], etc. The bibliography should be made in accordance with GOST 7.0.5-2008.
  11. Fee for publications of postgraduate students of Maikop State Technological University is not charged. Publication of articles of scientific and pedagogical staff of Maikop State Technological University is partially carried out at the expense of the founder. Authors who do not work at MSTU pay compensation expenses for the publication of the article, external review, editing of the bibliographic description of the literature list, layout of the scientific article text, editing (translation) of the English text of the annotation, key words, literature lists, calculated as 625 rubles for one page of A4 format by one and a half interval (on the basis of the decision of the MSTU scientific and technical council of 12.11.2009). One copy of the magazine, issued to the author, is included in the cost of publishing services.
  12. The articles are sent to the editorial office by e-mail at
  13. Manuscripts of articles may also be sent to the editorial office in the form of postal parcels with a disc containing the text of the article (address: 385000, the Republic of Adygea, Maikop, 191 Pervomayskaya Str.).