Editorial Policy


The «New Technologies» scientific journal is a quarterly peer-reviewed scientific journal, the main subject areas of published articles are Technology of Food Products, Agricultural and Economic Sciences.


The mission of the journal is to highlight the actual problems and results of original research in the field of developing modern technologies for the production of food products, crop production and livestock, processes for improving regional economic systems; analysis of development and simulation of forecast scenarios of agricultural production.


The purpose of the journal is to form a unified information and communication environment that facilitates the transfer of scientifically sound innovative technologies and developments to the production of agroindustrial complex and implementation of sustainable economic development models in Russia.

«New Technologies» is polythematic and publishes articles on a wide range of scientific fields: Economics, Agronomy, Forestry, Veterinary and Zootechny, Food technology.


Tasks of the Editorial Policy of the Journal:


— information support of scientific research in the form of publications of the results of scientific and practical research in the field of food technology, agricultural and economic sciences;

— application of the results of scientific research to solve food, technological and economic problems in the regions of the Russian Federation;

— expansion of the possibility of dissemination and indexing of published scientific works in Russian and foreign citation bases.

One of the main points of the journal policy is a thorough review of the materials placed in the publication. To optimize the selection process all articles are first tested through the Antiplagiat system and only then sent for peer review. Reviewing and editing of all incoming manuscripts is carried out by the journal in accordance with the requirements for the publication of scientific literature. Based on the review, the editorial board can accept the article for publication, recommend the author to correct it or reject it.

Thanks to this journal policy, we have authors among the scientific workers and teachers of universities of the Russian Federation, CIS countries and foreign countries.


The author submitting an article to «New Technologies» expresses his consent to publish it in the journal and to publish it publicly on the journal’s website on the Internet.

The authors are responsible for the factual materials and data provided in the articles.

The materials posted in the journal reflect the author’s personal point of view , which may differ from that of the editorial office.

The decision to publish or reject the materials is taken by the editorial board.

Fee for publications of postgraduate students of Maikop State Technological University is not charged. Publication of articles of scientific and pedagogical staff of Maikop State Technological University is partially carried out at the expense of the founder. Authors who do not work at MSTU pay compensation expenses for the publication of the article, external review, editing of the bibliographic description of the literature list, layout of the scientific article text, editing (translation) of the English text of the annotation, key words, literature lists, calculated as 625 rubles for one page of A4 format by one and a half interval (on the basis of the decision of the MSTU scientific and technical council of 12.11.2009). One copy of the journal is issued to the author and it is included in the cost of publishing services.

The editorial board has the right to reject materials that are improperly designed or not related to the subject matter of the journal.

Rejected articles are not sent back to the authors.