The «New Technologies» scientific journal is a quarterly peer-reviewed scientific journal, the main subject areas of published articles are Technology of Food Products, Agricultural and Economic Sciences.


The mission of the journal is to highlight the actual problems and results of original research in the field of developing modern technologies for the production of food products, crop production and livestock, processes for improving regional economic systems; analysis of development and simulation of forecast scenarios of agricultural production.


The purpose of the journal is to form a unified information and communication environment that facilitates the transfer of scientifically sound innovative technologies and developments to the production of agroindustrial complex and implementation of sustainable economic development models in Russia.


«New Technologies» is polythematic and publishes articles on a wide range of scientific fields: Economics, Agronomy, Forestry, Veterinary and Zootechny, Food technology.


Tasks of the Editorial Policy of the Journal:


— Information support of scientific research in the form of publications of the results of scientific and practical research in the field of food technology, agricultural and economic sciences;

— application of the results of scientific research to solve food, technological and economic problems in the regions of the Russian Federation;

— expansion of the possibility of dissemination and indexing of published scientific works in Russian and foreign citation bases.


The journal subjects are formed in accordance with the mission and tasks of the journal and on the basis of the nomenclature of specialties of scientific workers.


The scientific direction of the publication on the branches of science:


Technology of food products (05.18.00);

Agronomy (06.01.00);

Veterinary and Zootechnics (06.02.00);

Forestry (06.03.00);

Economic sciences (08.00.00).


The journal is addressed to scientists, teachers, researchers, postgraduates, students of agricultural and economic oriented universities, leaders and specialists of the agro-industrial complex, executive and legislative structures, and students of advanced training courses.


The founder of the publication is the Federal State Budget Educational Institution of Higher Education «Maikop State Technological University».


Certificate of registration of the mass media of the Federal Service for Supervision in the Field of Communication, Information Technologies of Mass Communications PI No. FS 77-37007 of July 29, 2009.


The chief editor of the journal is Saida Kazbekovna Kuizheva, Doctor of Economics, an associate professor, rector of Maikop State Technological University.


«New Technologies» has an international standard serial number ISSN 2072-0920.


The full texts of the articles are in open and free access in the Internet on the site of the «New Technologies» journal, on the site of Maikop State Technological University (in the section of the scientific library), as well as on the platforms of the «Lan» publishing house, «CyberLeninka» electronic library, Scientific electronic library.


The subscription index of the «New Technologies» journal in the «Publications of the Scientific and Technical Information Agencies» subscription catalog of the «Rospechat» Agency is 65035.

You can subscribe in any post office in Russia.